Journey Into Mystery

Journey Into Mystery

acrylics on canvas
For Sale.

what a rollercoaster ride the last few weeks have been. living on a knife edge here in bali. the local economy remains in a slump,and predicted to stay that way for awhile. the euro-touros continue to stay away,times are tight,as ive said before even the taxi-drivers and bargirls are complaining!? we had to take some fresh paintings over to our little shop in seminyak,and noticed driving around,how there were more and more shops closing down,over-contracting leases,or with ‘up to 70% discounts!” yet all around there are huge projects and hotels still being built? maybe thats for the swingback in the economy in a couple of years time? anyway enough doom and gloom..

i have to go fly to singapore tomorrow to kick off a new 5 year block of visas..havent been there for a few years,should be a pleasant break from bali,especially the food..will be looking for local street and wall images as i walk around,lots of busy signage and advertising i can use later in my work..also have a couple of galleries to check out,and a prearranged meet up with one gallery owner.

yesterday i was fortunate to have a good sale in my hometown Perth..i had some canvasses stored at my parents house,theyd been returned from galleries in France and Usa.a family friend viewed them and bought 3 large canvasses-yes,food on the family table!!..i shot off some emails to singapore galleries,sending my bio and images..i seldomly get replies from such emails,galleries hardly ever reply..but i had a reply,almost immediatly from one gallery,much to my surprise.Taksu gallery is based in singapore,kuala lumpur,and in bali at the new W-hotel. very its looking like i’ll have some works in their bali gallery,and be in a group show in singapore in january..heres hoping.i want nothing more than to be represented by a gallery in the asian marketplace,outside of the real world,asking real prices..

‘journey into mystery’- why not? yet another revised work,and the last,before i start a new block of work..once more its in a loose collage/torn poster style,and in brighter pop colours..with the new block of work to come,i’m wanting to shift away from current images,and into a more consolidated style,a bit vague at this stage, but i know what i dont want!? ((;


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